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bones_awards's Journal

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Welcome to the brand new Bones icon awards community! You need to join this community to make nominations. Each week, you can enter nominations, and they'll be voted on at the end of every two-week period.

[ x ] No hotlinking! When you nominate an icon, upload it to your own server. If you don't have one, I'd
recommend Photobucket. Those who hotlink will get a warning,
and if links aren't fixed within 24 hours, the post will be deleted.
[ x ] Please put nominations behind an LJ-cut.
[ x ] Nominated icons must be 100x100.
[ x ] Nominated icons must be related to Bones, and must apply to the category they are nominated for.
[ x ] You may nominate a maximum of three icons per category each week. You do not have to post
nominations for every category. Feel free to come back and edit your post to add nominations later on (as
long as voting hasn't already started).
[ x ] You may nominate icons that you've made. However, please make sure that you nominate icons by others as well!
[ x ] You may nominate the same icon for different categories.
[ x ] Both animated and still icons are accepted.
[ x ] When you post your nominations, make sure to include the icon maker's name next to/under the nomination.
[ x ] Let the icon maker know that they've been nominated at bones_awards. If they've won, please let
them know as well. Not everyone has the time to follow communities.

The Man in the SUV - Best Use of Colour
The Man in the Bear - Best Icon That Shows Originality or Artistic Ability
A Boy in A Bush - Best Use of Text
The Man in the Wall - Best Use of Cropping
The Woman at the Airport - Best Emotional Icon
The Woman in the Car - Best Animated Icon
The Superhero in the Alley - Best Actor/Actress Icon
Two Bodies in the Lab* - Best Relationship/Couple Icon
The Woman in the Tunnel - Best Icon Featuring One of the Main Characters
The Skull in the Desert - Best Group Icon - Featuring at Least Two Characters
The Man With the Bone - Best Funny Icon
The Man in the Morgue - Best Textless Icon

*Does not have to be a canon relationship. It can be Booth/Angela, or any slash/femmeslash relationship, for example.

[ x ] You can only vote once per category.
[ x ] If you are nominated, please do not vote for yourself.
[ x ] There needs to be at least two nominations in a category for that category to be put up for voting.

Nominations: Monday - Friday
Voting: Friday Evening/Saturday Morning - Sunday Evening
Results: Sunday Evening/Monday Afternoon

If you've won an award, feel free to take one of the banners over here.


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If you have any other suggestions or comments, feel free to take them here.